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Personal Injury Attorneys

As life care planning experts in Vermont, we assist personal injury attorneys in understanding their clients' future care needs and costs. What should you anticipate from our life care planners?
We collaborate with treating physicians and non-medical providers to develop comprehensive, tailored care plans.

Defense Attorneys

Our collaboration extends to defense attorneys, where we assess the credibility and accuracy of the plaintiff's life care plan. We incorporate alternative medical opinions affecting care estimates in Vermont. As your expert witness in life care planning, we evaluate the plaintiff's plan against industry standards and the reasonable future medical expenses.

At Intercoastal Consulting & Life Care Planning, we provide life planning services throughout Vermont and to cities such as Burlington, South Burlington, Rutland, Essex Junction, & Barre.

Life Care Planner in Barre, VT
Life Care Planner in Barre, VT
Life Care Planner in Burlington, VT
Burlington, VT
Life Care Planner in Essex Junction, VT
Essex Junction, VT
Life Care Planner in Rutland, VT
Rutland, VT
Life Care Planner in South Burlington, VT
South Burlington, VT

Professional Life Care Plans in Vermont

Life Care Plan Rebuttals

Life Care Plan Rebuttals

When you need an alternative perspective to a plaintiff life care plan, life care plan rebuttal may be an efficient solution. We can assist with review of usual, customary, & reasonable charge, standards of practice, and determine a reasonable value of future expenses.

Certified Life Care Planner Vermont

Certified Life Care Planner Vermont

When you need future care projections, our certified life care planner in Vermont is here to assist. We also offer evaluations of life care plans and excel in educating decision-makers about fitting care requirements and costs.

Expert Witness VT

Expert Witness VT

If you need the expertise of a life care plan expert or an advanced practice registered nurse with extensive medical knowledge for expert witness, we can provide assistance by conducting a case review to assess standards of care, adherence to acceptable practices and performance standards, ethics, and UCR charges.

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Life Care Planner in Vermont

We have extensive experience in handling life care planning cases in Vermont, both for catastrophic injuries such as acquired brain injuries, birth injuries, major burns, multiple trauma, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, we are fully equipped to assist with life care plan expert cases in Vermont related to non-catastrophic injuries, including spinal injuries (intervertebral disc injuries), major joint injuries (hip, knee, shoulder), orthopedic trauma (pelvic, long bone), burns (mild to moderate), single amputations, mild traumatic brain injury, and chronic pain, including spinal issues and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

We are able to assist with life care planning Vermont cases related to a wide range of incidents, including motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, maritime and shipping accidents, as well as work-related or workplace accidents. Additionally, we can assist with cases involving birth injuries, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, drug-related injuries, plant explosions, slip and fall accidents, assaults, animal attacks or dog bites, and/or injuries caused by projectiles.

As your Life Care Planning Vermont Expert we are familiar with admitting expert testimony and scientific evidence. We are prepared to meet or exceed the Daubert standard. To obtain information about the Vermont federal courts, including case information, court calendars, and contact details you may access United States District Court for the District of Vermont. Circuit Court online resources and contact details can vary from county to county but you can begin your search at the Vermont Judicial Branch website. Additional Vermont information can be found at City Data.

Apart from Vermont, we also provide our services in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and other major US states.