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Amputation Life Care Plans

At the Intercoastal Consulting & Life Care Planning (ICLCP), we understand the profound impact an amputation can have on an individual’s life following an injury. Our Amputation Life Care Plans are developed to determine cost associates to support amputees through every stage of their journey, from initial injury and recovery to long-term adaptation, quality of life, and to maintain the highest level of function. Leveraging a multidisciplinary approach and discussing future care requirements with the treating provider of the individual, we offer personalized life care planning services that addresses both the immediate and future needs of individuals living with an amputation.

Comprehensive Support for Amputees

Amputations, whether due to trauma, medical conditions, or surgical necessity, require a holistic approach to care and rehabilitation. ICLCP’s Amputation Life Care Plans are designed to provide insight and calculate the costs associated along the roadmap to recovery, rehabilitation, and beyond, ensuring that aspect of the individual’s care, mobility, and lifestyle needs is addressed.

  • Medical and Surgical Care: Determining the level and frequency of ongoing medical care, including medication, pain management, and potential future surgeries.
  • Prosthetic Management: Selection, fitting, and maintenance of prosthetic devices, along with training to achieve/maintain the highest level of function.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Physical and occupational therapy to enhance/maintain mobility, strength, and daily living activities.
  • Psychological Support: Counseling (Patient/Family) and support groups to address the emotional and psychological impacts of amputation. 
  • Lifestyle Adaptations: Recommendations for home and vehicle modifications, assistive technologies, and adaptive equipment to support independent living.
Our Approach to Amputation Life Care Planning

Our Approach to Amputation Life Care Planning

Every amputation and every individual is unique. Our life care planner starts with a thorough review of available medical records and other supporting documents to assess the individual's current health status, including but not limited to rehabilitation goals, and personal preferences. This assessment aids with the development of a customized life care plan in collaboration with their treating providers which may include:

Expert Team of Professionals

Expert Team of Professionals

ICLCP takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary strategy in formulating a life care plan post-catastrophic injuries like amputation.

This involves a collaboration with a network of treating professionals who oversee the coordination of necessary medical and non-medical care, rehabilitation services, and psychological or counseling support. This interdisciplinary team ensures that our Amputation Life Care Plans are comprehensive, covering all necessary and required services to support and facilitate recovery, adaptation, and maintain the highest level of function and independence.

Why ICLCP for Your Amputation Life Care Plan?

  • Expertise in Amputation Care: Our professionals possess specialized expertise and extensive experience in developing life care plans for individuals necessitating care post-amputation. 
  • Personalization: In collaboration with the patient’s treating providers, we tailor a customized care plan that aligns with the individual’s unique needs, aspirations, and lifestyle. This strategy enables a genuinely personalized approach, facilitating the accurate determination of associated costs.
  • Long-Term Planning: Our life care plans are designed to be dynamic, adapting to changes in the individual’s condition, needs, or goals over time.

Begin Your Path to Determining Costs associated with Adaptation and Independence

An amputation can change your life, but it doesn’t have to define it. With ICLCP’s Amputation Life Care Plans, we can help determine the cost associated with navigating the future care requirements that may be ahead following injury. Our services are available to Plaintiff & Defense Attorneys throughout the United States. To learn more about how ICLCP’s Amputation Life Care Plans can assist your firm with quantifying future medical and non-medical damages, please reach out to us.

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